7 Important Things Plus Natalia Jiminez And The Sexiest Female Singers In The World

LADIES Natalia is 4 on the list of top 100 sexiest female singers worldwide [Guyism]
That’s right–three rank higher.

STAGE Dom Kennedy & Machine Gun Kelly live at the Loft in Atlanta [Nah Right]
This time, MGK danced on a crowd surfer instead of a cafeteria table.

GOOD NIGHT Knockout of the day: A disabling spinning backkick [Cage Potato]
The “One Armed Bandit” strikes again.

UNDER CENTER Quiz: Name the opening day starting NFL QBs [Mental Floss]
If you listen closely, you can hear Redskins fans crying.

GRUB Woman takes down record 183 chicken wings in 12 minutes [WGRD]
Then she ate 15 plates of nachos for dessert.

SMILE 25 of the happiest mug shots ever [Holy Taco]
They must be pumped for three square meals and free health care.

REPOSSESSED Lizard Lick Towing: Monster truck [TruTV]
Just a good ol’ fashioned mud fight for rights to a disabled truck.

BACK TO SCHOOL 17 examples of unhelpful high school teacher [BuzzFeed]

Photo: GQ Mexico