7 Important Things Plus Tovi’s Gone Fishin’

BABE Tovi knows how to grip a fishing pole [Suicide Girls]
Nice hat.

BANGERS Ludacris ft. Waka Flocka “Rich & Flexin'” [The Urban Daily]
Spoiler alert: Ludacris raps about being rich.

BALLS WGRD office dodgeball part two (video) [WGRD]
Violence in the workplace that we can get behind.

BATMAN FOREVER “Kiss From a Rose” metal cover [The High Definite]
Maybe it should be retitled, “Punch in the Face From a Rose.”

BADASS Screw planking! India has invented train surfing [Holy Taco]
The persons attempting this stunt are not trained experts, just crazy.

BLOCS Top 10 Labor Day conspiracies [TruTV]
Damn the man.

BUNKERS Friday finds: Awesome man caves (for real men) [Fork Party]
There’s no better place for some peace and not a lot of quiet.

BACKUP PLAN 18 famous TV roles originally played by someone else [Mental Floss]
Brace yourself for a creepy picture of Stewie with an adult’s body.

Photo: Suicide Girls