Beef Alert: Rihanna Fires Jay-Z After Beyonce Gets Pregnant

Bun in the oven, talent out the door and the situation could get ugly. Only days after Beyoncé revealed her baby bump at the VMAs, Rihanna dumped Jay-Z and RocNation as her managers, according to a MediaTakeOut report. If Beyoncé weren’t pregnant, we’d say this is a perfect opportunity for a catfight.

Sure, we can claim Rihanna’s just a jealous lady, but there is more. This comes only a day after she filed a lawsuit claiming she got ripped off by RocNation manager Jay Brown’s sister (and others), who sold her a leaky pad in Beverly Hills. The beef began brewing much earlier, though. According to MTO, “Rihanna was CONSIDERING dropping Jay-Z as her manager–when she learned of certain FINANCIAL IRREGULARITIES, and when Jay and RocNation began UNOFFICIALLY managing Beyoncé.” However, she stuck around…until RocNation began unofficially managing Beyoncé’s fetus.

As Hugh Hefner can attest, managing two women and a baby is simply too much. Especially two successful musicians who go by only one name and often compete for endorsement deals. The timing of this Rihanna-Hova split is too good to be coincidence. Jay ought to name the kid “Headache.”

UPDATE: It appears that Rihanna has not fired Jay-Z as MediaTakeOut declared. VH1 reached out to Def Jam which denied the report. Plus, Rihanna tweeted “ROCNATION til I die!!!”

Via MediaTakeOut

Photos: Getty Images