7 Important Things Plus Fame In Red Stilettos

LADIES Fame: My legs are cool, but my smile’s the best [XXL Mag]
And oh yeah, that ass.

OCTAGON 7 fan-centric fights for Anderson Silva, who’s beaten everyone [Cage Potato]
Or just put him in a cage with a tiger and several spider monkeys.

LAUNCHED Human slingshot slip and slide [The High Definite]
Your awe will immediately melt into envy.

NIGHTWATCHMAN Jane’s Addiction Perry Farell interviews Tom Morello [WGRD]
He will create a mosh pit in your MIND.

ENVIRONMENTALIST Don Cheadle is Captain Planet [Funny or Die]
Go green or go home, bitches.

EAT UP 25 inappropriate restaurant names [Holy Taco]
Why, yes, they do have TP at Bung Hole cellars and wine room.

NINTENDO How did the “Duck Hunt” gun work? [Mental Floss]
We still like to believe it was magic.

ERROR 8 dumbest moves by big-time criminals [TruTV]
The Wet Bandits have company.

Photo: XXL Mag