Paul Wall Channels ‘Mario Kart’ To Win Dirtball Challenge

On on the final episode of “The DUB Magazine Project,” Texas’s own Paul Wall takes the Kawasaki Dirtball Challenge and attempts to jerk New Boyz out of their number one spot. Paul Wall is the last competitor for the title; he brings his Cadillac Escalade ESV, an unbelievable grill and some serious swagger to the game.

“Drive slow at all times,” Paul Wall says on his way to the dirt track. That’s great advice when rolling around Texas in an $80,000 Escalade, but not when you’re trying to beat the current record of 1:04.6. Lucky for him, he decides to not drive slow this time and uses his mad “Mario Kart skills” to beat the New Boyz record by nearly three seconds. Congratulations, Paul Wall, you’re the fastest dirtball of all. Have fun with your new Kawasaki ride.

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