7 Important Things Plus Raya Reaves’ Bottom Up

LADIES Raya Reaves likes sex everywhere but the bedroom [XXL Mag]
Obviously, the bedroom is for snacking and watching Jay Leno.

COLLAB Matt & Kim x Soulja Boy x Andrew W.K.–“I’m A Goner” (video) [PMA]
We dig but it’s slightly¬†NSFL, unless you eat humans for lunch.

GLOVES MMA video tribute: Anderson Silva’s 10 greatest knockouts [Cage Potato]
At least the abused have company.

SUPERCUT Movie titles in movies Part II [Film Drunk]
Lest you forget what you were watching.

HELP 9 of the dumbest reasons people actually called 911 [TruTV]
The audio for the Michigan cop who “overdosed” on pot, FTW.

HEAR HEAR 10 voice actors you didn’t know you knew [BuzzFeed]
Damn you, Cara Jones and your “RECALCULATING!”

OOPS 6 magicians who died while performing the bullet catch [Mental Floss]
Backfired! Ba dum tssshhh.

WALKING DEAD 25 fashionable theme zombies [Holy Taco]
It must be humiliating to get devoured by a zombie wearing jeggings.

Photo: XXL Mag