8 Important Things Plus Kristen Wiig And The Hottest ‘SNL’ Cast Members

LADIES Kristen checks in at number 3 [Complex]
Live from New York, they’re hot.

BANGERS Obie Trice “Battle Cry” [XXL Mag]
A very dark battle cry.

DEBT COLLECTORS Citibank Indonesia uses violent third party collection agency [WGRD]
Whatever happened to good old-fashioned finger-breaking?

COMMUNITY The best of Troy Barnes [The High Definite]
Emotional, quotable, genius.

THE LAW The 6 least ethical criminal justice characters in TV history [Fork Party]
And by seizing your drugs, they mean smoking them.

WELCOME BACK 25 ridiculous school names [Holy Taco]
Good luck to the mope who runs the D.A.R.E. program at Weed High.

GRUB 10 unusual restaurants around the world [Mental Floss]
We really hope they serve Smores at the Treehouse Restaurant.

TIME MACHINE 20 high school yearbook pictures of pro athletes [BuzzFeed]
Deep thoughts by Mark McGwire.

THE TUBE 5 possible Tyler Perry TV shows [The Urban Daily]
If “Madea’s Big Happy Family” can get funding…

Photo: Complex