New Boyz Have Mad Driving Skillz In ‘The DUB Magazine Project’

Ben J and Legacy of the New Boyz are the sixth competitors in Kawasaki’s Dirtball Challenge on this week’s “The DUB Magazine Project.” After arriving in their “limo Mercedes van,” a custom $130,000 Mercedes Benz Jetline Sprinter, Legacy admits he doesn’t really know how to drive and seems uneasy. Well, the rock star life he’s been living since “You’re A Jerk” went viral two years ago must give him nerves of steel. After a quick lesson around the track, Ben J jumps in the passenger side and they’re off (after a few stalled seconds not realizing the clock began). Even though Ben J kind of screams like a girl and distracts Legacy, they still post the fastest time yet, 1:04.6.

Watch the New Boyz’s victory and the rest of Episode 7 online.