The Face-Melting 5: Edward Fortyhands Goes Metal

Headbangers Ball” is back with a vengeance over at MTV2, where host Jose Mangin gives metalheads their weekly dose of heavy riffs and thrashing vocals. And each week we’ll dive into the show for some metal immersion therapy and come back to you with the five most face-melting moments for metal purists and noobs alike.

It’s the Ball’s second dispatch from the Mayhem Festival, and this week we learned when band members weren’t chugging water in the ridiculous Virginia heat, they were pounding Jim Beam or malt liquor. That’s a combo that’ll put hair on your chest, much like the music featured in this episode. Also, keep your ears peeled for Jose’s first “Headbangers Ball” F-bomb! Time to put on your melting face.

1. Machine Head: Not just a stadium song by Bush

On any (given) Sunday, you’re bound to hear Bush‘s “Machinehead” as the defense lines up for a critical third-down stop. But a better way to pump up the players and fans would be by playing music by the band Machine Head (nee Machine F***in’ Head). But with notorious tightwad Roger Goodell running the NFL, it’ll be a while before crowds are banging heads between plays.

2. Edward Fortyhands has its Metal Moment

Following last week’s reveal of In FlamesSwedish pop theme partyUnearth unearths their Edward Fortyhands theme party. From fist-pumping college bros to moshing metalheads, behold the uniting power of Edward Fortyhands, the one game where the guy who pisses his pants ISN’T a loser.

3. The guitar solo, alive and well

For those who decry that we’ve witnessed the death of the guitar solo, fear not: The solo is still kicking and screaming in the world of heavy metal. Just check out Unearth’s old-school axmanship at the 2:10 mark here.

4. In case you were wondering, hipsters don’t have a monopoly on irony

Did you notice the headless headbanger in the show’s open? Look again. That, my fellow metallers, is irony. You’re not so different from your indie brethren after all!

5. A former host makes his valiant return to the Ball

“Headbangers Ball” is all about spreading the gospel of metal far and wide. And Jamey Jasta is doing his part, fronting Kingdom of Sorrow and Hatebreed. As if that weren’t enough, the shredder also used to host the Ball. So, yeah, when it comes to reviving his genre, he’s basically metal’s Jack White.

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