7 Important Things Plus Chandella’s Money Bra

LADIES Ring girl Chandella Powell does her best Demi Moore [Cage Potato]
It’s an expensive look.

DO YOU BELIEVE Kid Cudi “No One Believes Me” video [PMA]
We believe this is a cool horror short, with vampires and more.

GLOVES Kimbo Slice KOs opponent in pro boxing debut [The Urban Daily]
Don’t call it a comeback!

MECHANICAL 30 seconds of awesome: Tiny Chainsaw [Film Drunk]
As you would expect, things ends badly for the star of the film.

HELP Advice for the 10 most hated people in America [Holy Taco]
The medical offices of Holy Taco shoot it straight.

DRAWN 11 pencil vs. camera images [Mental Floss]
Adding gas masks and Mario to serene images since 1983.

CUFFS 7 dumb criminals whose tattoos brought them to justice [WGRD]
Although we’re pretty sure they’d have gotten caught anyways.

ANIMATED 5 movies that got tooned up [MTV Geek]
Like a tune-up. Get it? Signed, joke explainer.

Photo: Marcos Rivera