Cali Swag District ‘Dougies’ Up ‘DUB’ Dirtball Challenge

The DUB Magazine ProjectKawasaki Dirtball Challenge featured its youngest competitor in this week’s episode: Cali Swag District. The Inglewood hip-hop trio went viral with their rhythmic single “Teach Me How to Dougie” and accompanying dance craze, which is simple enough that even the lead-footed likes of Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford can pull it off.

So could these young stars apply a little lead foot of their own, up their hand-eye coordination and successfully maneuver a four-wheeler around a tight off-road track? Cahron “JayAre” Childs wanted the challenge. After a false start, the rapper stormed the track and snatched the leaderboard’s top spot with a 1:04 time. Disappointingly, the guys didn’t celebrate touchdown-style with a victory “Dougie.”