UFC Fighter Amir Sadollah Talks Sex Appeal And Fighting A Guy Named ‘Bang’

Would you believe us if we told you that Amir Sadollah never had a professional MMA fight before he won Season 7 of “The Ultimate Fighter”? That’s kind of like some guy off the street smacking a home run into the upper deck against Justin Verlander in his first at bat despite having no major league baseball experience. Well, that’s exactly what Amir Sadollah did when he entered the TUF house back in 2008. With nothing but an amateur career and some lethal limbs attached to his 5-foot-11 frame, Sadollah polished off each opponent in his way and kept all of his fights out of the hands of the judges. Pretty damn impressive.

But a rash of injuries would slow down the A-Train, and the rising star was brought back down to earth with losses to Johnny Hendricks and Dong Hyun Kim. But a rousing victory over DaMarques Johnson at UFC Fight Night: Nogueira vs. Davis has people talking about Amir Sadollah again. At UFC Live: Hardy vs. Lytle, the Persian will face Duane “Bang” Ludwig in a fight that is sure to have fireworks.

“I’ve heard some buzz about this fight so (the talk that it may be Fight of the Night) is a huge compliment,” Sadollah says. With everyone anticipating the fight to be the MMA version of Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots, perhaps Sadollah will throw everyone a curveball and put his purple belt in jiujitsu to work. On second thought, perhaps not.

“I never make any promises,” he says when asked if the fight will remain standing until somebody ends up taking a nap. “It’s mixed martial arts, so I’m prepared to win this fight wherever it goes.”

In other words, don’t hold your breath for a fight that becomes a grappling tournament.

Considering his quick rise up the ranks, Sadollah still considers himself a work in progress who uses every fight as a learning experience. It helps to be a sponge when you have a guy named Georges St-Pierre ruling the division with an iron fist. He might as well learn as much as he can in order to overthrow the French-Canadian warlord.

“Every fight I learn something, and in each fight I want to show how much I’ve grown and see how much I need to grow,” he says.

Meanwhile, Sadollah has been making a decent career as a UFC personality. You may have seen him on Spike playing interviewer as he talks to other fighters about their upcoming bouts. His witty one-liners and easygoing manner have made him a likable guy that most people don’t mind checking out during Ultimate Fighter commercials.

“They approached me about the job,” he recalls before revealing the real reason why the UFC brought him on board. “I’m sure it was something they did to increase their female viewership.”
So thank Amir Sadollah the next time you see a gaggle of women watching a UFC event who know the difference between a gogoplata and a go-go dancer. And the next time you see Amir, it would be wise to shake his hand and thank him for bringing some much needed estrogen to the testosterone-fueled sport of MMA.

Not really.

Despite his delusional claims that he’s the UFC’s sex symbol, Sadollah admits that he enjoys punching people in the face instead of asking somebody how it feels to get punched in the face. Not to mention that he’s unable to partake in extracurricular activities with his mob of groupies because of his relationship with a special woman out there. Sorry ladies, Amir is taken.

“I’ve got one chick now and that’s the only one I need.”

Yes, Amir Sadollah is a little misled when it comes to understanding his sex appeal. But the one thing that he is certain of is his fighting ability. On Sunday night he’ll put his talent on display when he looks to flatline Duane Ludwig in front of a televised audience.

Because, you know, chicks dig the knockout.

Photo courtesy UFC