Old Rich Dude Makes A Rap Video And It’s As Ridiculous As You’d Expect

A 55-year-old casino executive named A. Samuels has just done the unthinkable: He’s challenged Rebecca Black for the best-worst music video title of 2011. Far as we can tell, Samuels is completely serious with his video for “Livin De Life,” which you can download on iTunes for 99 cents. We don’t have a clue what possessed him to make this video other than a passion for hip-hop. Good for an old dude livin’ de life, but the video is just ridiculous.

Among other WTF moments: Samuels brags about having doctors and lawyers on call; his terrible accent in the beginning where he sets up his video; his awkward white-dude dance while wearing a white sweater in the middle of what looks like a summer day; when he mouths Jason Terry’s lines while Terry is speaking. Basically this debacle is just one unabashed brag about a guy who appears to have a lot of money and wants everyone to know it. So, congratulations? Enjoy the show.

Via Complex