7 Important Things Plus Valhala On The Beach

LADIES Valhala is into music, sushi and zombies [Suicide Girls]
Chicks who dig gore are hard to find.

BANGERS Black Rob “Showin’ Up” (video) [XXL Mag]
Good look off Game Tested, Streets Approved.

BIKES My five: Brett Banasciewicz [Alli Action]
It’s always fun when an otherwise tough guy is afraid of insects.

DRESSED 25 of the most badass cosplayers ever [Holy Taco]
When you reach the end, note that they’re referring to the one on the left.

MEME ALERT Feels old, man–new meme makes you feel old [Fork Party]
As told by Clint Eastwood, who began drinking PBRs before hipsters did.

HMMM Soulja Boy’s top 10 biggest WTF moments [The Urban Daily]
You’re telling me a $55 million jet isn’t a solid investment?

SCHOOL 9 movies to watch before starting college [NextMovie]
And during college, and after college…

STRINGS The big playable guitar in Australia [Atlas Obscura]
As opposed to the big unplayable guitar.

Photo: Suicide Girls