VIDEO PREMIERE: Eve To Adam, ‘Run Your Mouth’

Hard rock up-and-comers Eve to Adam are just about a month away from the release of their latest album, Banquet For A Starving Dog, out Sept. 13. And it just so happens we’ve got the video premiere for the lead single, “Run Your Mouth.”

Singer Taki Sassaris‘s voice is the definition of gravelly rock, and the song’s dexterous riffage (not to mention the major wah-wah pedal action at 2:20) will make this a staple on your workout mix. Not that you work out.

While the New York City band blasts through the tightly wound song, they flaunt some New York style in the video: a glimpse of a mafia story involving a femme fatale in an intense interrogation during an apparent double-cross. Not to mention the cameos from a couple guys used to depicting the gritty New York/New Jersey underworld, Dann Florek from “Law and Order: SVU” and the man we all remember as Big Pussy.