7 Important Things Plus Chrissy Teigen Is One Hot Appliance

LADIES Me in My Place with Chrissy Teigen, in her kitchen [Esquire]
It’s good to be John Legend.

RELAX Das Racist “Michael Jackson” [Pretty Much Amazing]
Time to get paid.

DEBATE Can Chris Brown still be the next Michael Jackson? [The Urban Daily]
Speaking of MJ…

RAMPS Bikes over Baghdad demos come home [GrindTV]
You can’t pull tricks like this on a bomb.

INSTANT MESSAGE Top 16 reasons why AIM was the best chat client ever [BuzzFeed]
Plus your friends can still make fun of you for that stupid/emo screen name you used.

OLD BLUE EYES Construction worker performs Sinatra’s “Summer Wind” in street [THD]
A nice consolation for the folks booted from their Second Avenue apartments.

GULLIBLE 10 dumb urban legends [TruTV]
You didn’t really think that whale sperm made the ocean salty, did you? Did you?

GET SOME Twitter giveaway for Mattel Batman Legacy Edition sets [MTV Geek]
Minimal effort, Batman reward.

Photo: Esquire