7 Important Things Plus Kate Upton Milks A Cow

LADIES Sexy farm hand Kate Upton covers Complex’s August/September issue [Complex]
Let’s all just think it and not say it.

BANGERS Game ft. Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg “Drug Test” [XXL Mag]
It passes with colorful lyrics.

FOLLOW-UP Jay-Z clears up Kanye West rumors on Angie Martinez [The Urban Daily]
There’s no trouble in paradise, according to Jay.

GLOVES MMA tribute: Six amazingly rare occurrences [Cage Potato]
You don’t see a 32-man one-day tournament every day.

TOY WARS Epic toy lightsaber battle (video) [Fork Party]
Some high school kids took a break from video games and self-pleasuring to larp.

BATMAN New pictures of Bane on the set of “The Dark Knight Rises” [Film Drunk]
Bane’s secret weapon: Bondage.

EXTINCT 25 ridiculous movies about dinosaurs [Holy Taco]
“Tammy and the T-Rex”–Denise Richards’ second biggest mistake.

JUSTICE A Lithuanian mayor will crush your car parked in a bike lane [Daily What]
Pretty cool, but can Art?ras Zuokas perform acts of courage in the wild, shirtless?

Photo: Complex