Kanye West Word Clouds: He’s Just One Of The Guys

Kanye West takes a lot of heat for being a self-involved d-bag with an ego fatter than the asses on the ladies he likes. We’re not here to quibble with that. Hell, Kanye wouldn’t even quibble with that. Have you heard “Runaway”? What we will do, though, is say that after running all of Kanye’s albums through the word cloud machine at Wordle in anticipation of next week’s release of Watch the Throne, we’re reconsidering Kanye’s asshattedness.

Here’s why: When you take a look at the words Kanye has used across his five albums, you see that he’s maturing from a vulnerable young man into a confident and, yes, slightly egomaniacal, old man. His early albums are peppered with words like “trying,” “money” and “study” that indicate that he’s on his grind, both with his education and in the rap game. Those albums also have lots of emotional words like “Jesus,” “forever,” “Mama” and “brother.” Such a sweet young boy he was.

As Kanye gets older, he gets angrier. The arrangement of the words on these clouds is totally random, but it’s a funny coincidence that the words “Love just stop” align on the cloud made from 808s & Heartbreak, Kanye’s most vulnerable album. And then it’s no coincidence that the cloud constructed from the words in My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy contains the most curse words. Kanye was kind of angry on that one.

As always it’s the word cloud with all of the artist’s lyrics that tend to be the most interesting. Kanye’s is just an amalgamation of a bunch of commonly used words. Meaning, for as much as people want Kanye to be some super villain, he’s pretty much just a regular dude.

College Dropout (2004)

Late Registration (2005)

Graduation (2007)

808s & Heartbreak (2008)

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010)

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