7 Important Things Plus Melissa Avera In The Wild

LADIES Short, curvy, 22-year-old model Melissa [XXL Mag]
Melissa + nature = win.

STAGE Jay-Z & Kanye already fighting over “Watch the Throne” tour [The Urban Daily]
Paradise, there may be trouble in.

BOARDS Shaun White strikes X Games gold in come-from-behind performance [GrindTV]
Incredible run. Watch it or watch again.

CHURCH OF GRUB 12 religious icons found in food [TruTV]
Who’s hungry for some bible?

NANANANANANANANA Casting 7 villains in the next Batman film [Holy Taco]
For “Batman: The Inappropriate Dark Knight.”

ESSENTIALS 16 more minimalist movie posters [BuzzFeed]
See what they did there?

WTF Infographic: Objects ingested and inserted [XrayTech]
Ryan Dunn [RIP] would like to have a word with this infographic.

TOONS The cartoon color wheel [The High Definite]
Cartman is one beat away from insulting the entire crew.

Photo: XXL Mag, Stephanie Acosta o Nea’s Photography