Kat Von D Has Jesse James Tattooed In Her Armpit

Tattoo regrets, there’ve been a few, but perhaps none more distressing than Kat Von D’s kind of creepy tattoo of ex-fiancé Jesse James. Only two days after the pair announced their split after a six-month engagement, footage appeared on Kat’s show “LA Ink” of the 29-year-old babe getting a school photo of a 10-year-old James in and below her underarm.

So now if she wants to avoid the sour memory of the breakup, she’s going to have to keep her arms down at all times or have a painful removal of ink from her armpit. Quite a dilemma, especially when you consider that she probably uses an antiperspirant.

Quite a trail of tears James has left behind in only a year-plus, splitting with Sandra Bullock, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee and now Kat Von D. He should take a cue from Hugh Hefner, up the ante next time, date and then break up with twin sisters after they get his toddler pictures on their a** cheeks. Things did get worse for Von D when she was set to appear on Good Day LA and the producers aired this clip of Kat showing James her tattoo. She stormed off the set and wrote an emotional post on Facebook later on. Awwww.

Photo: TLC