Naked ‘Sushi Girl’ Cortney Palm Talks Megan Fox, Hot Sauce And Uh, Being Naked

Perhaps you’ve already heard about “Sushi Girl.” It’s just a a tiny little “Grindhouse”-style revenge flick, featuring Tony Todd (Candyman!), Danny Trejo (“Machete!!) and Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker!!!). The plot is basically this: A bunch of badass dudes eat sushi off a naked chick and then probably start shooting at each other. Awesome, right? Wanna know what’s even more awesome? Hanging out in a hotel room with the naked Sushi Girl herself, Cortney Palm.

Granted, the 24-year-old was not naked at the time, but plenty was still revealed during our time together. For example, we now know that Palm has no problem being naked (despite the very constricting outfit she wore to our interview).

“(During my audition they asked) ‘So, are you comfortable being naked?’ I said ‘Yeah!’ They said ‘Can you show us?’ I was like ‘Yeah!’ Basically that’s how I landed the part,” Palm explains.

Oh, and she acts in the movie too.

“Sushi girl’s character was a very empowering role to play,” Palm says. “And she experiences a traumatic event,” she says without revealing too much about her character. “I’m laying covered in sushi and each piece removed reveals part of her body, but her character isn’t getting more vulnerable.”

OK, back to the naked stuff…

Which body part are you most proud of?
I love my ass! I’ve got to knock on wood because people always compliment my ass, and I hope that it never falls.

If you could be one cartoon character, who would it be?
I’d be one of the Powder Puff Girls. They can fly, they have powers and they are awesome. If you wanted to go Disney I’d go with Kim Possible. Any girl that can jump out of a plane and go save the world is something that I would love to do.

What’s your favorite Bill Murray movie?
Oh my gosh! Really? He actually gets on my nerves. Hmmm…”Ghostbusters”!

If you could kick anybody’s ass on television, whose would it be?
I would want to throw down with Angelina Jolie. She and I are going to be wing-suiting off a building and landing on a moving boat. Then we’ll strip down out of the wing suit–because you can’t fight in a wing suit. Then I’m going to pull out my Samurai sword, and she’ll pull out some weapon from “Tomb Raider.” We’re just going to have a throw-down and it’s going to be awesome.

If there was a role that you had the opportunity to do over and do it better, what would it be?
“Transformers.” I’d take over Megan Fox‘s role. Or maybe even Kristen Stewart in “Twilight.” I’d take both of those roles.

What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?
I went on a date with this guy who asked to kiss me. It was really cute, but he looked too much like Justin Timberlake and I told him I just don’t know if I can kiss you. He was OK with it and asked to see me again, but that didn’t happen. Nothing against Justin Timberlake, but this guy was too much of a replica. I need the original.

What’s your favorite TV show?
“Game of Thrones”! That show is top notch. Aria, the young daughter, I could play her part when she’s older. I really want to be her when she’s older. I love that show. Anything medieval or archaic. I love blood, gore and violence.

You’re on death row, what’s your last meal?
A Chipotle burrito! I’m a vegetarian so it has to have black beans, sour cream, cheese, the hottest hot sauce you can find. It’s so good.

What will you be doing 10 years from now?
Hopefully acting and doing what I love: writing, acting and staying busy. I don’t want kids. I am engaged though. We’re getting married in October and he’s who I want to be with. Sorry, guys! Well, that actually will make you want me even more.

Why should guys go see “Sushi Girl”?
If you like guns, blood, sexual situations and sexual content, you should go see it. There are lots of twists and turns. Weapons, sushi and naked bodies, that’s a great combination.