12.0 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘120 Minutes’

Following an eight-year retirement, the influential cult classic, [insert favorable adjective here] alternative music video series “120 Minutes” will be back on MTV2 on July 30. Rejoice.

This time around, the show will be called “120 Minutes with Matt Pinfield.” For our younger friends, Pinfield is the bald guy above; he was “120 Minutes” most beloved host and worked part-time as a walking music encyclopedia. Although “120 Minutes” was reincarnated as “Subterranean” shortly after the original closed shop in 2003, this iteration returns with Pinfield’s insight and interviews “to provide music fans with an unfiltered look at today’s hottest alternative and indie artists, as well as emerging artists spanning multiple genres, including hip-hop and rock, through exclusive interviews and music videos.”

As the show’s rebirth approaches, enjoy 12.0 bits of information about the show that you probably didn’t know or may have forgot. The items come from the gigantic 120 Minutes Archive as well as from Matt Pinfield himself.

1. The famous Radiohead performance of “Fake Plastic Trees” for “120” was filmed at 8 a.m.

2. One of MTV’s original VJs, JJ Jackson, hosted the show’s debut episode in 1986.

3. Dave Kendall, who started hosting in 1989, was originally hired in 1986 as the show’s producer.

4. Matt Pinfield first (officially) hosted “120” on October 15, 1995.

5. The guest on that show was Oasis and the first video was Rancid‘s “Time Bomb.”

6. A couple years earlier, on March 7, 1993, Pinfield actually filled in as a host for the first time.

7. The show’s producer and crew had to stop Jon Spencer of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion from getting naked on a Christmas episode. He was dressed as Santa when he decided to disrobe.

8. The final episode to air on MTV (before the show switched to MTV2) was the “LOUD Rocks Special” on September 3, 2000, which closed with Incubus‘ acoustic performance of “Pardon Me.”

9. Nirvana‘s video for “Smells Like Teen Spirit” made its world premiere on “120 Minutes” in the fall of 1991.

10. The final episode of “120 Minutes,” hosted by Jim Shearer, aired on May 4, 2003, at 1 a.m. ET. Kendall and Pinfield joined Shearer for the finale and picked the videos. Pinfield’s last choice to air was “I’m the One” by Descendents; Kendall’s was “Kiss Them For Me” by Siouxsie and the Banshees.

11. Blind Melon appeared as a guest on “120” on September 24, 1995, when they performed “Toes Across The Floor.” One month later, lead singer Shannon Hoon died from a drug overdose.

12. Jim Shearer went on to host “120”‘s onetime successor “Subterranean” until 2007. He attempted to save a piece of the “fake” basement where the show was filmed (the walls had signatures of several famous artists), but the slab got lost during a move.