10 Frightening ‘Walking Dead’ Zombie Tattoos [Photos]

There is something very hipster about original “Walking Dead” fans. They’re always so quick to assure you that they were fans of the franchise before it was a hit show on AMC. They loved it before it was popular, when it was a monthly black-and-white comic book series. And like hipsters, they’re willing to show their devotion by inking it into their mmmmdelicious flesh.

To celebrate the Season 2 “Walking Dead” teaser trailer–which, while hard to watch, is impossible not to–we’ve collected the best tattoos inspired by the Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore series.

Little Zombie Girl

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Inspired By A Back Cover

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The Walking Full Sleeve

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Rick Grimes Carrying A Zombie Head

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Inspired By “Walking Dead” Scenes

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Rick Grimes Worship

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Rick Grimes Worship Continued…

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Panel Art

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Rick Grimes’ Son

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Not From “Walking Dead” But Still Hardcore

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