Metallica’s James Hetfield Ruins Nature With Metal Fence

Anyone who has seen the Metallica documentary “Some Kind Of Monster” knows the band’s mustachioed lead singer isn’t exactly accommodating. A few years ago James Hetfield decided to put up a metal (of course) fence on the edge of his sprawling estate in Northern California’s Marin County. The fence blocks a trail that connects two nature preserves. When hikers complained, he argued the metal fence is because trail users had been harshing on his property. He’s older now and wants those damn kids to keep off his lawn!

Hetfield won the dispute because work has begun to build a three-mile hiking trail that bypasses his home. The project will cost taxpayers $650,000. We thought living in nature was supposed to mellow people out, but Hetfield seems anything but chill. Maybe he felt his edge slipping and put up the metal fence to rediscover hardcore? If so, their next CD better be more deadly and magnetic than 2008’s Death Magnetic.

Photo: Getty Images