Innies Vs. Outies: Which Belly Button Reigns Supreme?

Recent photos of Katie Holmes in a bikini reminded everyone that she has an outie belly button. The common wisdom, as least as we’ve known it, is that innies are preferable to outies. To us, it just doesn’t look right to have extra skin sticking out of your stomach. However, it works on Holmes and now we’d miss her outie if it were sliced off in a freak accident.

But that’s just us. We’re throwing it to you to tell us which belly button is best. So here’s what we did: After the jump, you’ll find the hottest outie belly-buttoned celebrity ladies paired with their innie equivalents to see which style is sexier. After you’ve reviewed the evidence, cast your vote for your preference below. Why, you ask? For SCIENCE! Let the research begin.

Gerri Halliwell vs. Victoria Beckham

Via Fooyah & Staralicious

Katie Holmes vs. Michelle Williams

Via Nate Corbitt & Actress Walls

Kelly Ripa vs. Olivia Munn

Via Celebrity Smack & JL Crew

Alyssa Milano vs. Jennifer Love Hewitt

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Demi Moore Vs. Cameron Diaz

Via Columbia Pictures

AnnaLynne McCord vs. Scarlett Johansson

Via Fropki & Photobucket

Kate Moss vs. Gisele Bündchen

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