9 Nasty Backyard MMA GIFs

The abundance of backyard wrestling home videos back in the day taught us that teens (and certain adults) will attempt any sport (and “sports entertainment”) they see on TV. Now that mixed martial arts has become the badass sport of choice, it’s no surprise that a landslide of backyard MMA videos have popped up online. Everyone from kids in Hawaii to farmers’ sons in Omaha, Nebraska, are buying thin gloves and brawling their buddies in front of friends with Flip Cams. Infamous underground fighter Kimbo Slice even made the jump from backyards to pay-per-view UFC in part due to his YouTube fighting videos. For those about to rock a dude’s jaw on your mom’s lawn, we salute you with these nine GIFs.

Kimbo Hates Reggae

Take Your Socks Off Before Getting Your Ass Kicked

Families That Fight Together, Bruise Together

Watch For Falling Power Lines And Right Hooks

The Blue Tarp Slam

Tween Superman Punch

At Least The Laundry’s Done

The Backyard Buddy Toss

Fighting Up In Weight, Down In Skill

Images: YouTube