7 Important Things Plus Two-For-Fun Deal

LADIES Nahp and Discoquette aren’t shy [Suicide Girls]
The bottom half of the photo is better than the top.

SWAY Gucci Mane shot four videos since release, says Shawty Lo [RapFix]
A few words about the Atlanta scene.

OCTAGON The animated GIF guide to MMA failure [Cage Potato]
The do-it-yourself guide to getting your a** kicked by a martial artist.

SECURITY BREACH Pedobear iPhone app dances its way past security [Fork Party]
“Hey mom! Check out this great new app I found!”

AWKWARD A shark, a duck & an awkward interview [The High Definite]
I’m Ron Burgundy?

Y’ALL Supercut: All the y’alls from “Friday Night Lights”‘ Tami Taylor [Guyism]
The most versatile and adorable contraction ever.

MEME ALERT Owling is the new planking [BuzzFeed]
Planking was so 1994 and May-June 2011.

POTTERED 9 classic album covers reimagined with “Potter” characters [NextMovie]
“Dark Side of the Potter,” for all your mellowing needs.

Photo: Suicide Girls