The Check-In: Lloyd Loves Him Some Stacey Dash

“Clueless” came out all the way back in 1995, and in the 16 years since, a lot of the kids in that movie have gone on to various levels of fame and success. Donald Faison is all over TV; Paul Rudd‘s in the movies; Alicia SIlverstone has been on Broadway and in vegan food markets; and Breckin Meyer is on “Franklin & Bash.” But where is Stacey Dash, who was by far the loveliest woman introduced to the world through that movie?

For one night, at least, she was at the BET Awards, where R&B singer Lloyd was looking to sit on her lap. (And, for the record, she’s currently on VH1’s “Single Ladies.”) At least that’s what he said when “The Check-In” hosts Jeff and Eric Rosenthal caught up with him.