Casting The Dramatic Remake Of ‘King Of Kong’

Way back in 2007, a little documentary about two dorks battling for the “Donkey Kong” high score captivated the attention of those whose attention is typically only captivated by pixelated plumbers. “King of Kong” was excellent, but it remained far enough below the radar that New Line bought the rights. That happened in 2008 and nothing’s happened since. Until now.

“Horrible Bosses,” directed by none other than “King of Kong” director Seth Gordon, cleaned up at the box office over the weekend. That means Gordon is getting interviewed, and he’s talking about the dramatic re-make of “King of Kong.” In an interview with The Playlist, Gordon said the movie is very much still alive and that he’s planning to shoot it in a mockumentary format à la “The Office.” Naturally, that got us thinking about casting. So here it is, the Hollywood cast of “King of Kong.” You can just send us a check, Seth.

Nathan Fillion as Steve Wiebe

Who better to play Steve Wiebe, hero to all dorky classic gamers, than Nathan Fillion, hero to all dorks? As an added bonus, Fillion looks just like Wiebe. All he’s missing is that signature gap in his teeth, but that’s nothing a little CGI, or Ed Helms-style dentistry, can’t fix.

Daniel Day-Lewis as Billy Mitchell

It’s tempting to cast a funnyman like Ben Stiller in the role of ultimate gaming villain Billy Mitchell. But the way we see it, playing this mythical man demands an actor who can both transform himself into a smug, self-important asshat and get his hair feathered. DDL is that actor.

Steve Buscemi as Walter Day

Steve Buscemi shares the following physical characteristics with Twin Galaxies founder Walter Day: a sunken, sallow face; thinning gray hair; the build of a prisoner of war; and the general appearance of a serial killer. Cast him!

Rainn Wilson as Brian Kuh

No one can play annoying like Rainn Wilson can play annoying. And Brian Kuh is annoying.

Andy Richter as Steve Sanders

Steve Sanders is a video-game wunderkind turned lawyer and Billy Mitchell’s best friend. So Andy Richter, everyone’s favorite best friend, gets the role.

Paul Giamatti as Robert Mruczek

You know what’s rare? Being able to say that Paul Giamatti is too attractive to play you in a movie. Robert Mruczek, the chief Twin Galaxies referee, can say that.

Nicole Kidman as Nicole Wiebe

They’re both named Nicole and they’re both married to silly little men. That’s enough for us.

Jack Black as Donkey Kong

You know you see the resemblance.