How To Pick Up A Girl Based On Her Favorite Band

We here at Clutch don’t purport to fully understand the fairer sex (which is why our resident relationship expert is a chick). However, we have a wealth of experience with women, mainly in the form of awkward flirtations. And so we’ve picked up a few shortcuts in the pickup game. One such shortcut: Ask the girl who her favorite band is (if you’ve stalked studied her Facebook page beforehand, you should already know the answer).  This route works because 1.) Girls love talking about things they love, and 2) You can tell a lot about someone based on the music with which they are obsessed. Simply put, if you know what makes her get down, you’ll have a better chance of making her get down.

Hey, even Indiana Jones used a torch to light his way, so why not you?

Arcade Fire

Show an Arcade Fire fan your tattoos.

The Avett Brothers

Fans of The Avett Brothers are easy nuts to crack: Just start wearing vests and dabbling in black-and-white photography.

The Beatles

Dress like her dad. Yes, it’s messed up, but we didn’t make the rules. Freud did.


Fans of Beyoncé won’t let you buy them a drink, but they will buy you a drink after you mention that “Bridesmaids” was WAY funnier than both “Hangover” movies.

Black Eyed Peas

Black Eyed Peas fans like to dance. If you do, too, offer your condolences that the Peas are going on indefinite hiatus. If you don’t, immediately skip to the next girl.

The Black Keys

Whoa, seriously, man? You found a chick who’s into The Black Keys? Immediately ask for her hand in marriage.

Bon Iver

Any lover of Bon Iver‘s tender harmonies was most likely just dumped. Prove you’re the sensitive shoulder she needs to cry on by tearing up when that Sarah McLachlan animal abuse commercial comes on.


A generic choice begets a generic pickup line. “Come here often?” or “I couldn’t help but notice you from across the room…” are, like Coldplay, harmless, familiar and (in this case) effective.

Kings of Leon

If she favors the old Kings of Leon catalog, offer to buy her a whiskey. If she’s into their newer stuff, offer to buy her a Midori sour.

Dave Matthews Band

Tell her you’re throwing a party next weekend wherein drinks will only be served in red Solo cups. She won’t be able to resist the nostalgic charm, because, like Dave Matthews Band, she’ll never be cooler than she was in college.

The Decemberists

Quick, get your hands on a tattered copy of “Leaves of Grass” and a Moleskine notebook. The Decembrists also have that sort of seafaring vibe about them, so if you have a yacht, now’s the time to whip it out. (No, that’s not a euphemism for penis.) Though, chances are if you do in fact have a yacht, you’re not hurting for pickup advice.

Florence + The Machine

Tell her you have the “Eat, Pray, Love” deluxe edition on DVD–Blu-Ray if it feels like the opportunity is slipping away. If she’s insulted that you’ve assumed her Florence + The Machine love is predicated on that singer’s place on the aforementioned movie soundtrack, proceed with the Arcade Fire approach.

Green Day

Ask a Green Day fan about her tattoos.

“I listen to everything”

Clearly she’s not very discerning, so even you should be able to charm her without any help.

John Mayer

Tell a John Mayer fan that you work in finance and compliment her outfit. Come to think of it, the Wall Street/compliment combo works on most women. Which is why you see so many gals paired off with d-bags in dress slacks.

Kanye West

You should probably mention that you really love going to the ballet.


Your typical Ke$ha follower is already rocking temporary tattoos. Also, she’ll be inebriated when you talk to her, so just be yourself. Remember, beer goggles work both ways.

Lady Gaga

Buy a Lady Gaga fan some temporary tattoos.

Maroon 5

OK you’ve obviously partied a little too hard and now you’re hallucinating, because Maroon 5 is nobody’s favorite band. Step away from the poor girl, you’re probably slobbering on her.

Mumford & Sons

Your way into a Mumford & Sons fan’s heart is through her stomach. Tell her you jar your own organic stone fruit preserves and that you traded in your iPad for a monthly seltzer home delivery service.


Paramore fans have deep, deep emotions. Read her that terrible poem you wrote when your first love broke your heart. Score an extra five points if you can play it on guitar. Also, you should probably stop picking up chicks at Hot Topic.


R.E.M. had their heyday right around 1995. So ask her how old her kids are.

The Strokes

Strokes fans consider themselves true New Yorkers, and so does this girl, even though she moved to the Big Apple from the Midwest three years ago and has never been farther north than 68th Street. Bond over your shared history of drinking “pop” and watching Big Ten football.

Vampire Weekend

Make sure to hit these keywords in any conversation with a Vampire Weekend groupie: boating, Nantucket, baroque. Bonus points if you wear croakies on your sunglasses.