Summer Bikini Smackdown Round Two Begins (Plus Round One Results)


After nearly 200,000 votes in Round One of the Summer Bikini Smackdown–a gratuitous but delightful tournament to crown the finest bikini-clad celebrity–32 babes advanced and 32 were sent packing. The bracket was filled and lathered back up, and some intriguing Round Two contests await.

But first–some words on Round One. There were some serious blowouts, several close calls and a few big upsets. The full rundown of the results is at the bottom of the post for all you stat geeks. Following March Madness form, the 12 vs. 5 seed matchups produced some frisky contests where three of the 12 seeds heaved the fives from the tourney, including Laura Prepon’s surprising 62.7%-37.3% romp over Rihanna. The narrowest victory belongs to 6-seed Britney Spears (50.8%), who took down 11-seed Rachel Bilson (49.2%). The biggest blowout was Beyoncé‘s 95.3%-4.7% thrashing of Gwyneth Paltrow. And based on seeding, the biggest upset was 15-seed Brooke Hogan’s win (57.4%) over 2-seed Anna Kournikova (42.6%).

Round Two begins with two contests below–13-seed Hayden Panettiere against 12-seed Eva Mendes in the Hollywood region and a battle of Vanessas (Hudgens and Minnillo) in The Studio region. There will be two more matchups just a bit later today and more throughout the week. Voting on Round Two contests will remain open until Sunday, July 17 at 10 pm ET.

UPDATE: Voting has now closed for this round. Vote in the current match-ups here.


(13) All-grown-up babe Hayden Panettiere vs. (12) Olive-skinned Eva Mendes

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The Studio

(2) Former “TRL” host Vanessa Minnillo vs. (7) “Sucker Punch“-er Vanessa Hudgens

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Statistics from Round One

1. Halle Berry def. 16. Kristin Bell 88.38%-11.62%
8. Penelope Cruz def. 9. Gabrielle Union 62.85%-37.15%
13. Hayden Panettiere def. 4. Kate Bosworth 56.81%-43.19%
12. Eva Mendes def. 5. Eliza Dushku 58.27% -41.73%
3. Jessica Alba def. 14. Leighton Meester 87.19%-12.81%
6. Angelina Jolie def. 11. Cameron Diaz 62.76%-37.24%
7. Jessica Biel def. 10. Emmanuelle Chriqui 66.2%-33.8%
2. Megan Fox def. 15. Kate Hudson 72.74%-27.26%

1. Beyonce def. 16. Gwyneth Paltrow 95.3%-4.7%

8. Jessica Simpson def. 9. Ashanti 81.24%-18.76%

4. Shakira def. 13. Hilary Duff 58.82%-41.18%
12. Laura Prepon def. 5. Rihanna 62.67%-37.33%
3. Christina Milian def. 14. Mariah Carey 81.69%-18.31%
6. Britney Spears def. 11 Rachel Bilson 50.82%-49.18%
7. Vanessa Hudgens def. 10. Katy Perry 55.71%-44.29%
2. Vanessa Minnillo def. 15. Miley Cyrus 73.62%-26.38%

1. Adriana Lima def. 16. Drew Barrymore 86.92%-13.08%
9. Salma Hayek def. 8. Naomi Campbell 67.71%-32.29%
13. Lucy Liu def. 4. Selita Ebanks 68.8%-31.2%
5. Gisele def. 12 Eva Longoria 56.12% to 43.88%
3. Rosie Huntington Whiteley def. 14.  Jennifer Aniston 68.01%-31.99%
6. Christie Brinkley def. 11 Carrie Fisher 72.84%-27.16%
10. Demi Moore def. 7. Bai Ling 52.41%-47.59%
2. Brooklyn Decker def. 15. Sienna Miller 75.24%-24.76%

1. Audrina Patridge def. Heidi Montag 89%-11%
8. Lauren Conrad def. Carmen Electra 76.9%-23.1%
4. Kim Kardashian def. Paris Hilton 80.88%-19.12%
12. Lindsay Lohan def. 5. Amber Rose 54.29%-45.71%
3. JWOWW def. 14. Kourtney Kardashian 74.34%-25.66%
11. Holly Madison def. 6. Whitney Port 54.35%-46.65%
7. Kristin Cavallari def. Chiara Strzesiewski 80.17%-19.83%
15. Brooke Hogan def. 2. Anna Kournikova 57.44%-42.56%

Photos: GQ Magazine, Self Magazine