Heavy Metal Hieroglyphics: Can You Guess The Metal Bands?

Hey, Headbangers Ball fans: See the symbols in the grid below? Each one represents a metal band that either you or your dad or your creepy uncles loves. Can you guess them all? If so you win absolutely nothing, other than the respect of your dad and your creepy uncle. Check back Monday for the answers.

Now start guessing!

Click the image for a larger version

UPDATE: Answers below

Highlight the area below to see the answers.
1A: Black Sabbath
1B: Slipknot
1C: Mastodon
1D: Metallica
2A: Twisted Sister
2B: Megadeth
2C: Slayer
2D: Iron Maiden
3A: Faith No More
3B: Deep Purple
3C: White Zombie
3D: Thin Lizzie
4A: Steppenwolf
4B: Anthrax
4C: Motörhead
4D: Tool