7 Important Things Plus Sexy Rutina Wesley

LADIES “True Blood”‘s Rutina Wesley also tells a very funny joke [Esquire]
Seriously, it’s funny, not just funny because she’s hot.

BANGERS Curren$y “This Is The Life” video [XXL Mag]
Brought to you by Patrick Ewing.

YOUNG GUN M. Brusco becomes youngest skater ever to land a 900 on megaramp [SM]
That’s 14 years old and 2.5 rotations.

COCKTAILS Transformers: the drink menu [Fork Party]
Enough of these and you’ll be showing movie-goers the dark side of your moon.

FELINES 20 creepy photos of cat tongues [BuzzFeed]
It would really suck to make out with a cat.

DEATH A real roller coaster of death: the euthanasia coaster [Atlas Obscura]
Kids love it!

FLOPPITY The top 10 floppiest flops of 2011 [Film Drunk]
Enjoy some box office schadenfreude.

OUTER SPACE The first of NASA’s spaceships assembled [GeekoSystem]
This vessel will one day take us to meet our alien overlords on Mars.

Photos: Esquire/Chris Fortuna