Outkast To Return And Rescue The World From Everything That Isn’t Outkast

It’s been five years. Five cold, lonely years since the last Outkast album. The world’s changed a lot since then. There’s a black guy in the White House now. Twitter is a thing. Everyone hates LeBron. When Big Boi and Andre 3000 release their seventh album together, as they will apparently do next year, it will arrive as a welcome savior from every bad thing we’ve experienced over the past five years. And I don’t just mean musically. I mean everything.

Naturally, Outkast will save us from terrible music. But the power of Andre and Big Boi is so great that it will also make us forget about every crappy TV show we’ve watched, every bad meal we’ve regretted ordering, every breakup we’ve suffered and every genocide perpetrated by a tyrant or those doing a tyrant’s biding. Obviously, I don’t mean “we” in the bloggy royal “we” sense. I mean “we” as in every human on earth. Such is the power of Outkast–the power to change the past, the future and the present, all while wearing ridiculous clothes (see above). Oh yeah, one more thing. Before they put out an Outkast album, Mr. Three Stacks and Mr. Patton will be releasing solo albums. Get excited.

Via Hip Hop Wired