Introducing Clutch’s 64 Babe Summer Bikini Smackdown Bracket


There’s no better excuse than summer to have a 64-babe, single-elimination bikini bracket. If only Gus Johnson would call the match-ups.

After careful review of dozens of celebrities, we narrowed the field of contestants to 64 (ignoring the NCAA’s new 68-team structure), and divided them into four regions: Hollywood, for women who work predominately in movies; The Studio, for recording artists, wannabe musicians and a few more film actresses just for fun; Classics, which is a region stacked with runway beauties and some more mature women; and finally, Reality, which consists of women from the reality television world. All of the women were seeded in-house based on some voting. They were judged on their bikini bodies, which you’ll see in their individual match-ups. When you vote, feel free to consider additional bikini images.

We’ll be rolling out the match-ups for the entire month of July, beginning with the 8 vs. 9 seeds and 5 vs. 12 seeds a bit later today. On to the bikini smackdown and the intriguing 8 vs. 9 seed battles. Voting on these contests will remain open until Sunday, July 10 at 10 pm ET.

UPDATE: Voting has now closed for this round. Vote in the current match-ups here.


(8) Pirate wench Penelope Cruz vs. (9) Well-endowed Gabrielle Union

The Studio

(8) Forbes business mogul Jessica Simpson vs. (9) Songstress Ashanti


(8) Temperamental runway beauty Naomi Campbell vs. (9) Mexican hottie Salma Hayek


(8) “The Hills” alum (and newly single) Lauren Conrad vs. (9) “Singled Out” alum and all-around stunner Carmen Electra

Photos: Getty Images, “Dukes of Hazzard” music video, Dimension Films