Put It In Your Mouth: 6 Nasty Competitive Eating GIFs

Baseball used to be the only sport synonymous with summer. However, a dark horse has risen over the past few years and captured the hearts of a variety of die-hard fans. Competitive eating, its flagship summer event the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest and its stars Joey Chestnut (who kept hold of the crown at yesterday’s event) and Takeru Kobayashi get the same treatment on ESPN as major tennis events. A growing number of sports geeks are learning the rules of the sport, the lingo and different eating styles, and following the various events. Even if you don’t understand what these men and women are doing exactly, their unique looks and faces while eating are fun to watch, which is exactly why we offer these GIFs for your viewing pleasure.

Joey Chestnut Demolishes A Burrito

Kobayashi Is The New Hamburglar

Reversal On A Competitor’s Shirt

Taking Down Sticks Of Butter

One Sticky Bun Triggers Vomit Reflex

Watermelon Showdown Between Crazy Legs And Eater X

Images: YouTube