7 Important Things Plus Creepy’s Creepy Tattoo

LADIES Creepy is into pirates, pumps, rum and burlesque [Suicide Girls]
Here’s some booty for you pirates out there.

PLAYLIST DJ JayCeeOh’s “SPF60 Summer Mix” [BroBible]
A delicious soundtrack for your Fourth of July bash.

BOARDS My 5: Manny Santiago [Alli Action]
He’s come a long way from a hand-me-down board with rusty bearings.

WTFANTASTIC 48 things you’ll only see in New York City [BuzzFeed]
Hello Kitty only wanted to deposit a check.

THREADS Banana Republic releases “Mad Men” line [Fork Party]
Dress like Draper.

PIPES Incredible youngster nails Sam Cooke’s “Just Another Day” [Daily What]
Fidgets like a kid, sings like a total champ.

ZOMGALLERY Pictures from the set of Brad Pitt’s “World War Z” [Film Drunk]
Smiles, hanging bodies, machine guns and a zombie fortress.

REMIX “The Matrix” lobby scene with a capella multitrack [BamKapow]
Spybreak” get some voice.

Photo: Suicide Girls