Michael Jordan’s Teenage Letter Proves His Love For Gambling

Judging from some of his epic gambling losses and his poor trades as the Charlotte Bobcats GM, Michael Jordan does not appear to be a math whiz. However, an 18-year-old MJ took advanced chemistry at Laney High School. The class was so easy for him that he used the period to catch up on correspondence, as this found letter proves.

In the love note to his “Dearest Laquette,” young Mike begins by apologizing for making her “look pretty rotten” the prior night. Not wanting to wallow in the negative, Jordan changes it up in the next paragraph and talks about how happy he was to receive the money she owed him from a bet they made. Obviously, his gambling addiction began at a young age. Jordan was a good winner, though, and doesn’t taunt her. Instead, he tells her that everyone thinks she’s a “very pretty lady,” but “please don’t let that go to your head. (smile).”

Finally, he ends things by telling Laquette when he’ll see her next and to “please have some activity for us to do together.” He wants her to know, “I am finally getting use to going with a girl much smaller than I. I hope you my hint.” Jordan was clearly not a spelling bee champion. What was the “hint” he hoped she understood? It’s not clear to us. However, we bet it has something to do with sex. Oh, Michael, there you go showing your poor math skills. Everyone is the same height lying down, unless you’re really fat.

Photos: Getty Images