The Check-In: Rick Ross’ Grunt And Lil Twist’s ‘Do On The BET Awards Red Carpet

In the course of one interview series on the red carpet (more like green carpet) before the BET Awards this past weekend, Check-In hosts Eric and Jeff Rosenthal managed to elicit information about Rick Ross‘ favorite bird (an interesting choice), got Sean Garrett to impersonate Ross’ grunt and even stumped A.C. Calloway with what he called “the best question ever.” They also nearly tripped up Garrett into voicing a female artist’s grunt, which would have surely gotten him punched in the grill had he done it. Not bad, fellas.

Eric even managed to butter up Tocarra with a sweet, sweet line and in the unseen outtakes he actually got to second base with her. (No, not really. But maybe.) Lil Twist also makes an appearance. Check out the video below.