Nick Kroll Isn’t An A**hole, But He Plays One On TV

Nick Kroll is the comedian you kind of remember from “Cavemen” (the TV show, not the GEICO commercials), or think you recognize from his role as The Douche on “Parks and Recreation,” or maybe saw in that one funny online video you laughed really hard at, or who your little brother really likes from that show “The League.” However, the fact that you maybe kind of already know who he is is proof that Kroll’s been bubbling beneath the comedy mainstream for years now and is finally ready to break through. Comedy Central just announced they’re giving him his own sketch comedy series, “The Nick Show Kroll,” on which Kroll will most likely reprise the characters he’s best at playing: huge, hilarious dicks.

Watch six examples after the jump…

Fabrice Fabrice

A craft services coordinator for the TV show “That’s So Raven,” Fabrice may be seen by some as a poor man’s Brüno. However, Kroll’s take on the “bitchy male” stereotype has longer legs than Sacha Baron Cohen’s, which devolved into a one-note joke by the time it made it to the big screen.
Exclusive – Fabrice Fabrice – Question and Answer
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El Chupacabra

For anyone who has listened to Spanish-language party stations, you’ll recognize the over-the-top stylings of DJ El Chupacabra. This video is an early incarnation of the character, which Kroll has now fine-tuned in various podcasts and live shows.
Nick Kroll – Cats Are Terrible
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Bobby Bottleservice

A Los Angeles version of the “Jersey Shore” guidos, Bobby Bottleservice loves things like Ed Hardy water, vodka, revenge and his mother. This “audition tape” for Season 2 of “Jersey Shore” is packed full of jokes both big and subtle.

The Ed Hardy Boyz

Kroll teams Bobby Bottleservice with Jon Daly‘s Peter Paparazzo for a spoof that is part “Hardy Boys,” part “Charlie’s Angels.” Instead of Charlie giving them missions, it’s Ed Hardy founder Christian Audigier. The Boyz tackle such mysteries as “The Case of the Missing Sick Belt Buckle” and “The Case of When That Hot Filipina Girl Lost Her Tramp Stamp At Mini-Golf.” The second video incudes guest appearances by Ian Ziering, Pauly Shore, Fred Durst, Tom Sizemore, Pat O’Brien and even Christian Audigier himself.

Rich Dicks

Nick Kroll and Jon Daly team up again to play Aspen Bruckheimer and Wendy Shawn, two guys born with diamond-crusted platinum spoons in their mouths. They’re constantly on the hunt for A-list parties around Los Angeles and usually end up ignorantly offending everyone there.

Photos: Comedy Central, Funny or Die