Lil Wayne Drops By The Fantasy Factory To Shred And Ball

It isn’t every day that a bus with Lil Wayne and Co. rolls up to the Fantasy Factory to get a tour of the premises, shred and play hoops. On Saturday, before Weezy went to the BET Awards in Los Angeles, he reached out to Drama via Mack Maine to see if he could stop by to check out the house that Rob Dyrdek built. Drama, a bit surprised, he admitted, obviously said yes. By the time Drama got to the Factory, Lil Wayne, Lil Chuckee, Lil Twist and a caravan of four Escalades and Weezy’s tour bus filled with YMCMB crew were already waiting. Now that’s punctual. Drama wrote about the day:

They pulled in behind us and Wayne hopped out of the bus with his skateboard, ready to go. Luckily there was nobody working at the Factory and it was completely empty so they were all able to play basketball, skate, jump in the foam pit without any worries. I definitely got the feeling that they don’t get to do stuff like this in private very often and it was sick to see everyone just chilling out and having fun. Zero egos or attitudes involved. I’m not even going to try to play cool guy here, it was so crazy sitting there with Wayne, talking like a regular dude, trying to figure out how to ollie higher and trying to learn how to boarslide. Definitely a rare occurrence, and one of those moments when u take a step back and just think how crazy life is.

Very cool. We don’t know whether any footage will appear on the show, but we obviously hope so. The Factory’s guest visitor next weekend…President Obama and the first family?

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Photos: Lil Wayne HQ, Young & Reckless

Via The YBF