Bam Margera Remembers Ryan Dunn’s Maniac Driving [VIDEO]

“It was pretty much the worst news I’ve ever heard in my life,” said the still-shaken Bam Margera on the death of “Jackass” costar Ryan Dunn.

Flanked by his wife, Missy Margera, for support, Margera gave E! Entertainment an exclusive video interview about losing one of his best friends. The two stuntmen had been close buddies since the ’90s when the CKY Crew formed and began releasing video compilations of their stunts and skits. Dunn and Margera competed together three different years in the international 3,000-mile road rally Gumball 3000.

During the interview, Margera recalls how Dunn’s driving frightened him. In 1996, Dunn had flipped his car with Bam and his brother Jess Margera in it. Jess flew 40 feet and survived. Bam had even predicted five years ago that Dunn would one day lose his life in a crash.

“He had the lightest Porsche possible and puts a Lamborghini engine in it and puts nitrous in it with a turbo boast thing,” Margera says. “I’ve seen him fly around the road. And I’m like, you’re going to go right into a pole, dude.”

While Dunn had been drinking the night of the crash, Margera doesn’t think that has anything to do with his friend’s death. He explains that Dunn’s alcohol tolerance was high and he simply died because he was always “a maniac” behind the wheel. Still, Margera claims if he had been at the bar with Dunn that night, he would have tried to take his keys but Dunn would have likely refused.

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