7 Important Things Plus ‘True Blood”s Anna Paquin

LADIES Here’s more sexy photos of Sookie [Maxim]
The hottest time-traveling fairy from the South on TV.

BET AWARDS Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, Ace Hood “Hustle Hard” [MTV News]
Featuring Rick Ross with a very unbuttoned shirt.

FLASHBACK Reasonable Doubt tour footage from 1996 [The High Definite]
A look back at Jay-Z on the 15th anniversary of his debut album.

KICKS Product spotlight: Converse KA-ONE [Alli Action]
Keep a low profile with the offering from Kenny Anderson.

NOSTALGIA The ’90s Are All That–TeenNick promo [Daily What]
Challenge for the premiere: Watch it in one of your outfits from the ’90s.

GUN SHOW Dave Chappelle is surprisingly ripped [BuzzFeed]
In “I know you’re impressed” and “GTF away from me” poses.

AIR JORDAN Check out the tattoo on this guy’s forehead [MediaTakeOut]
The tattoo artist totally nailed it.

WAVES Adam Sandler vs. Anthony Keidis surfing? [Daily Stoke]
Smart money is the on RHCP frontman.

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