14 Photos Of Disgusting Back Hair Art (We’re Sorry)

There’s an old saying that goes something like this: When life gives you disgusting back hair, make disgusting back hair-ade. It’s about how you should take the things that you think suck about yourself (like that briar patch on your back) and turn them into things that don’t suck (like a work of art). Today, we’d like to salute the men who live by this credo. These are men who have shown the world that a coarse patch of wirey black weeds growing on a man’s back is, like wet clay or an untouched block of marble, fertile ground for artistic expression.

Take the grizzly above. This mysterious Twins fan was seen at a game this weekend with a Joe Mauer jersey shaved into his back hair. It’s an ambitious work that’s both visually stunning and economically practical–have you seen the price of a MLB jersey!? Now let’s look at 13 pictures of his creative, hairy backed brethren.

The Dale Earnhardt

The Notre Dame

The Checkered Flag

“A” For Abominable

The Theo Fleury

Soapy, Soapy Night

The Burning Man

The Romantic

What He Did To All The Food

The Number Of Girls He’s Spoken To In His Life

The Shaving Star

The Chevron

The Peacenik