Pimp My Bot: Rappers Get Transformed Into Their Cars [Illustrations]

In the inevitable all-consuming alien robot war between the Autobots and Decepticons, we all may have to take a side. Humans can either stand idly BY as the Transformers battle to the death, or take the form of their car and participate in the machine massacre.

Naturally, when it’s time for destruction again on June 29 (when “Transformers 3” hits theaters), rappers will choose to fight. And since Bumblebee has already taken the 2010 Camaro, musicians and beat makers will have to morph into some different whips. We’ve imagined how a bunch of them will look as (one of) their own cars. Dr. Dre, above, is his Hummer H2–aka one scary mofo.

Lil Wayne–Rolls Royce


Jay-Z–Maybach Exelero

Snoop Dogg–1969 Buick Riviera

Will.i.am–Tesla Roadster

Illustrations by Brendan McGinley