Reason No. 4 To Become A Rapper: Your Tweets Get You Free Food

Money, cars and girls–those have always been the best reasons to become a rapper, right? Sure, love for the music and all that other high-minded crap comes into play too. In the end, though, it’s all about financial and carnal pleasures. Until now! We may be upon the verge of a revolutionary moment in hip-hop history in which a fourth reason to become a rapper joins the previously stated holy trinity: getting free stuff because of Twitter.

This revelation comes courtesy of Jadakiss, who stopped by the garage with his fellow members of The Lox for this weekend’s episode of “Funk Flex Full Throttle.” As conversation turned toward the wonders of Twitter, Jada–aka @Therealkiss–pointed out that the real joy of the site is getting people to give you free crap. “You sit down at a restaurant and you tweet, ‘The food was great.’ That’s free,” he says.

And there you have it, the fourth best reason to become a rapper. All you have to do is get rich and famous enough that you have tens of thousands of Twitter follows. Then you’ll never have to spend any of that money at IHOP. Just tweet about that dope-ass Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity you just wolfed down and that’s $7.99 that gets to stay in your pocket. What a world.

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Photo: Getty Images