6 Rappers We Wish Were Our Father

When looking at the greatest fathers in entertainment, you may not immediately jump to rappers. They’re so often associated with legal problems, arrests and the thug life, and child-rearing in that environment seems toxic. However, that’s not the case for these six hip-hop dads. Not only have they built a stable life for their kids, but they also have great relationships with them. They’re kind of big children themselves, living a Peter Pan lifestyle via their millions of dollars. Who wouldn’t want a guy like that as a role model?

6. Diddy

Diddy has never married and has five children with three different women. He may not be winning any father of the year contests, but Diddy does seem to have a touch of the guilty dad syndrome. For a 16th birthday present, Combs gave his son Justin a $360,000 Maybach car with a chauffeur. Why the chauffeur? Sixteen-year-olds are terrible drivers. Anyway, his kids don’t need to worry about their diamond-plated free ride running out since Forbes estimates Diddy’s net worth at $475 million.

5. Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne grew up fast. At 13, he signed to Cash Money Records and at 15 had his first child, Reginae Carter. He’s had three children since, but has plenty of money to provide for all of them. Last year, he pocketed $20 million. Plus, he’s allowing 12-year-old Reginae to make her own money with her own BET reality show “TOYA: A Family Affair.” The Young Money mini heiress gets a guaranteed $22,000 plus expenses for the first 11-episode season.

4. Snoop Dogg

First of all, what can Snoop Dogg‘s children possibly do that he can punish them for? The guy smokes more marijuana than the country of Jamaica. He beat a murder charge. And he’s produced porn movies. His three kids can do whatever they want. That said, Snoop is involved in his kids’ lives. When he coached his sons Pee Wee football league, all the good players from other teams quit and moved to Snoop’s team. They went undefeated, with his son as the star player.

3. Will Smith

As the offspring of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Jaden and Willow are destined to be millionaire megastars no matter how bad their names or how big their ears. A lot of actor parents choose film roles their kids will like, but Smith takes jobs where his kids can have parts too. (See: “The Pursuit of Happyness” and “I Am Legend.”)

2. Master P

Rapper, mogul and No Limits Records founder Master P is not only ridiculously rich–his estimated worth being $661 million–he’s also one of the most connected people in entertainment. Not only did he sign Lil Romeo to a record deal at age 5, launching an entire celebrity career for him, he also got Romeo Miller a full-ride basketball scholarship at USC. This was after Master P got him into the prestigious ABCD Camp in 2006, where Miller only scored two points against future NBA stars such as Derrick Rose and Kevin Love. Too bad daddy couldn’t get Romeo any actual playing time at USC. The only reason Master P isn’t number one on this list is because any time his kids get something, they never know if it’s because they earned it or not.

1. 50 Cent

50 Cent and his son Marquise Jackson seem to have a great relationship. The rapper credits the birth of Marquise as the motivation to turn his life around and start being a megastar. While Father Jackson has $100 million and can buy his son anything, he is teaching the 13-year-old boy how to earn his own money as an entrepreneur. Marquis is already opening up his own online shoe store with financial backing from Pops. He will no doubt go on to earn more money than all of these dads combined.

Photos: Getty Images, Twitter, David Shankbone, BET.com