While We’re At It, 6 Shows MTV Should Bring Back

Call us greedy, but now that MTV is bringing back Beavis and Butt-Head after so many years, we’re hungry for the return of more vintage MTV shows. I guess that makes us greedy, but so be it. Our nostalgia bone is tingling for a bunch of classics, so consider this the official unofficial campaign to bring six shows back into production from medically induced television comas.

Since the network’s launch *cough* 30 years ago *cough*, MTV has displayed giant cajones in airing some bold programming. Those rolls of the dice have netted awesome shows about sock puppets, casual sex and celebrities inflicting deadly bodily harm upon one another. Here are but a few vintage shows that we think deserve a good, hearty second go around.

1. “The Sifl and Olly Show”

“Sifl and Olly” creator Liam Lynch has worn many hats, and sock puppets, in his career. He has worked as a director with Tenacious D and Sarah Silverman, and even had a hit song with “United States of Whatever.” But we remember Lynch most fondly for Sifl and Olly. If only to hear more informative chats with anxiety-ridden Chester or new terms like “crescent fresh,” it’s time to turn the lights back on for “The Sifl and Olly Show.”

2. “The Head”

Jim woke up one morning to find that his head was the size of a small refrigerator due to a wisecracking alien who had made it his home. Creator Eric Fogel presented that idea to MTV and blew their minds. Paired with “The Maxx,” the animated series was like a fine white wine with hard goat cheese…only weirder. This little slice of MTV’s “Oddities” is due for a comeback.

3. “Celebrity Deathmatch”

Before TMZ began reporting on celebrities punching paparazzi cameras, there was another outlet for a guilty desire to see celebrities rage. It was called “Celebrity Deathmatch,” a truly honorable institution, where Judge Mills Lane presided over Claymation versions of famous people settling their beef. And who doesn’t dig a Claymation version of a TV judge overseeing celebrities dispatch each other with extreme prejudice? The correct answer is very few people. This is an obvious choice for rebroadcast, and for the first battle we nominate Donald Trump and Anthony Weiner.

4. “Æon Flux”

Æon Flux had two key ingredients for success: Lasers and scantily clad vixens firing lasers. In a bizarre and violent future reality, the title character, a spy, dished out plentiful portions of ass-kicking. She managed it all while wearing boots and about 20 inches of black duct tape. The series was created by Peter Chung and started out as a short on MTV’s “Liquid Television.”

The show was eventually promoted to its own half-hour series in 1995, and in 2005 was immortalized in a film that was nerd-enragingly bad different from the series. “Æon Flux” remains popular because the undeniable appeal of a basically naked female secret agent injuring people in an apocalyptic future universe.

5. “Undressed”

Undressed” revolved around sex and people talking about having sex. Naturally, it was a home run. Sure, it may have not had the headiest of plots, but what it lacked in creative writing it made up for in Bree Turner. And as the old TV saying goes, “when Bree Turner is on a show, guys will watch it.” If that’s not enough, both Christina Hendricks and Katee Sackhoff made appearances. We’re confident that a large sum of money could persuade them both to return for a rebooted new season.

6. “The Maxx”

There once lived a man name Sam Keith. Well, he still lives. And in the 1990s he created a comic book series called “The Maxx.” It’s an amazingly bizarre story that takes place in two realities. The title character is (in one reality) a powerful being who protects that reality’s version of a freelance social worker named Julie. In the other reality he’s a homeless guy in a wacky suit. You see, Julie is a powerful jungle queen in the other reality. We told you it was weird–so much so that it earned its own animated series within MTV’s “Oddities.” Right now feels like the right time to bring the weirdness back.