Only The Hot Parts: Vanessa Hudgens Irons In Undies

Vanessa Hudgens is back with more Candies hotness, exclusively for Kohl’s customers and slobbering dudes. In other words, us. Back in January, the clothing makers put out some titillating photos with Vanessa in a bikini and making a mess in a diner. This photo shoot, as you can see, is pretty similar, replacing the bikini with underwear and the diner with a refrigerator stocked with almond cookies and an apocalypse bunker supply of sweet soda. (Take our children but not the pink soda!)

There’s a video to go with this one too (below), and after reviewing it we’ll confidently say that Vanessa and Kohl’s have made some of the most compelling department store ads since Kathy Ireland represented Kmart. Check out Vanessa in what she calls some “cute little fun stuff” after the jump.

Photos: Candies