7 Important Things Plus O’Neill’s One-Way Runway

LADIES The models dove off the runway into the ocean and got all wet [GrindTV]
We think they’re on to something here.

UNPLUGGED Lil Wayne “3 Peat” (Live) [MTV2]
There’s more Weezy where this came from.

BOARDS 5 trick fix: Best of Street League Kansas City [Transworld Skateboarding]
Sean Malto, Chris Cole, Nyjah Huston and Ryan Sheckler go big in MO.

SUMMERTIME DJ Earworm’s summer mashup “Party On The Floor” [THD]
It burrows through the ear canal and invades your brain.

DOWNFALL Hitler finds out the Heat and LeBron failed [BuzzFeed]
And he is PISSED!

WHEELS Awesome new commercial for the BMW1 Series M coupe [BroBible]
Fortunately, they got this on the first take.

MEME WATCH The best of hipster edits [Uproxx]
Extracting the profundity since 2011.

DESTRUCTION Industrial shredder annihilates anything you’ve got [Daily What]
Bizarro ’80s porn music sold separately.

Photo: O’Neill